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Turnkey Mining Service

It's very hard to find a stable and reliable cryptocurrency bitcoin mining service provider. It's even harder to power, cool and manage the equipment once you have it. Nordusmine is a group of young, hungry, ambitious entrepreneurs from varying technical backgrounds. We have several successful businesses in the Crypto ecosystem. Our datacenters are facilitated by skilled IT professionals who implement a robust colocation infrastructure that’s secure, reliable, and flexible. FlyMining team combines knowledge and expertise in modern technology, finance and accounting. Nordusmine is powered by our collective years of successful ambitious projects. We are technical specialists, programmers, developers, blockchain developers and data center engeneers.

We are more than a mining facility; we are your mining partners. Whether you're an amateur or a professional miner, our goal is to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most efficient ASIC mining solutions. We have all of the best mining hardware available for purchase, from ASIC to GPU miners and more. This makes purchasing and hosting the best equipment for your needs easy and simple.

We're here to make cryptomining accessible to anyone. No need to worry about equipment setup, monitoring, and power. We do the work and you got the reward.

Fully-featured and accessible


Instead of leasing cloud mining, lease an actual ASIC equipment in one of our advanced and automated mining rigs.


You always could validate the performance of the asic miners and be sure that it’s being utilized fully to your benefit.


Current hashrate is reported every minute and can be compared to the hashrate reported in your mining pool.


24/7 access to your log files. Live access to your mining operations or monitor live diagnostic to fix the issues.


Our Team


Ronald Davis

Full Stack Developer


Jena Mccullum

Human Resources Manager


Omar Davis

Front-end Developer


Jacquie Haney

Sales Manager


Abdeline Martinez

Logistics Manager


Mark Gill

Customer Service


Jered Dawaliby

Data Analyst


David Taylor

Senior Software Engineer


Nordusmine cryptocurrency mining data centers represent the primary mining effort. Our robust security architecture makes us one of the leading data center solutions providers. Designed to answer the big challenges of the next decades. Built with the environment and the client in mind, massively scalable, unbelievably efficient and at a great price point. The Infrastructure Layer is the data center building and the equipment and systems that keep it running. Components like back-up power equipment, the HVAC system, and fire suppression equipment are all part of the Infrastructure Layer.

Get a superior level of service and reliability from a company that owns and operates its network and equipment. Your services are managed and monitored around the clock by a team of experts, ready to provide resolutions in minutes, with an average response time of 45 seconds. We have an access to the official Bitmain service center to provide seamless warranty and after-warranty support. Each machine is installed for you at our facilities, you earn your mining rewards direct to your own crypto wallet.

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